Soil, seeds, rain and sun

Nuestros Orígenes

Olive trees

Nuestros Orígenes

Has of Wheat

Nuestros Orígenes

Lupine production


Almond trees

Nuestros Orígenes


Nuestros Orígenes

Sunflower Production

We have farming roots

In Carmona we grow wheat, lupine, chickpeas and sunflower
Our olive groves are in Carmona
Around these roots, we have developed our project
. .
This is the origin of our family
and of our company

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... During the last 60 years

  • 1961- 2008 Losada Olives
    Mr. José Losada Villasante Starting up the industrial stage

  • 2008-2010 Generational renewal .
    Luis and Maria Losada join to the project from the management

  • 2010-2011 Export Department
    The internationalization of the company is defined as strategic line.

  • 2011 LOSADA and DEQUMANA .
    Our brands LOSADA and DEQUMANA are born

  • 2014-2017 New Facilities.
    New facilities and packaging line. We start packing directly .Our preparation for BRC begins.


  • 2018-2019 Strategic Plan 18-22..
    Total integration of agriculture in the production process

  • 2019-2022 Olive grove renovation project.
    New plantations of non-native varieties

  • 2020 –Working for Ecological Certification.
    Launch of the new ecological line.

  • 2021 60th anniversary.

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Our values ; our essence

Family values are part of our philosophy.

We also believe in honesty in our work

integrity and commitment to excellence

without forgetting our respect for the law

and a clear commitment to social responsibility

These are our roots
Let's talk about agriculture
Nuestros Orígenes

Summer pruning

Nuestros Orígenes

Vegetation cover

Nuestros Orígenes


Nuestros Orígenes

Pruning remains

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Our Covid-19 Policy

At Aceitunas Losada, our priority is the health and safety of our entire team and their families.

To ensure the protection of each of our workers, we have implemented all the measures recommended by the health authorities, as well as the extraordinary measures that we have considered necessary at our company.

With this philosophy, we will continue to meet our quality standards, ensuring that we supply all our customers.

You can download our catalogs from here
Nuestros Orígenes
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Our commitment to quality

At Aceitunas Losada, the BRC certification is an example of our commitment to quality and our way of offering our customers trust and safety in the products we manufacture

We consider it important to maintain this spirit of commitment to continuous improvement at our facilities and in our processes.